About PAI

Formed and owned by a group of top fruit growers and packers, our company, founded in 1974, is dedicated to market these growers production in overseas markets.


A total of nine packing companies located at northern Patagonia, Argentina, simultaneously group the production of more than 280 small and medium-sized growers which they pack and ship under the PAI labels.


The group's added up planted surface is over 3.200 hectares including orchards, packing plants, coldstores and logistics services premises.


We produce quality fruit under systems that prioritize the human health and the preservation of the environment, in a cooperation and transparency spirit with and for the growers.


Our actions include technical assistance according with the requirements of each plantation, including all aspects of the growing operation such as sanity monitoring, pruning, thinning, nutrition, irrigation and harvest dates, among others.




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Patagonia Argentina

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